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Weddings are wonderful. And a destination wedding in a scenic location, like Highlands, NC, can be an amazing experience. What could be better than watching two people you care for commit to sharing a lifetime together? As beautiful as weddings are, they can be challenging in a variety of ways. Buying gifts, booking accommodations, arranging for travel: all of these tasks require time and money to set up. By taking steps such as reserving wedding room blocks, a wedding can go much more smoothly.

Reserve Wedding Room Blocks

Set guests up for success by helping them navigate the logistics leading up to the big day. The Park on Main® in Highlands is a luxury, pet-friendly hotel that offers this option. Reserving a block of rooms is a big help for everyone. The bride and groom know that guests will be able to find accommodations. Guests may benefit from a group rate. Everyone is centralized for easier transit.

Shuttle Service

Shuttles are a second convenience that can help a wedding go more smoothly. If everyone travels from the hotel to the venue as a group, it simplifies matters. Parking and other logistical concerns are eliminated. In addition, if there will be alcohol at the reception, shuttles offer a safe option for everyone’s return to the hotel.

Room Sharing

Room sharing can be a great solution for single guests. For some young people just starting out, the expense of accommodations can seem daunting. Even if a group discount applies, the cost can seem very high. Room Sharing and Wedding room blocks By matching single friends up in larger rooms, that problem can be resolved. Old friends can catch up or new friendships can have a chance to blossom.

Gift Bags

Wedding gift bags can also be a lifesaver for guests from out of town. Include small things that will make their stay more comfortable, like bottled water, snacks and maps. A gift card for a local coffee shop is a nice gesture to someone fatigued from a long drive or flight.

Send an Itinerary

Finally, providing out-of-towners with a breakdown of the day and information about the destination is a wonderful way to simplify their journey. By clarifying the times and places where events will occur, their lives are made easier. This gives them more time to enjoy their time with the couple, with each other and in the beautiful locale that was chosen for the ceremony – in this case Highlands. Located in beautiful Highlands, NC, The Park on Main® is a wonderful choice for wedding parties. There are always specials available. Reserving wedding room blocks is a breeze. Each suite overlooks a beautiful garden terrace. The atmosphere is homey but luxurious, and pets are always welcome.

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About The Park on Main

The Park on Main hotel is located in the quaint village of Highlands, North Carolina, a picturesque mountain retreat nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. A boutique style hotel, the Park on Main offers 24 luxury suites, each facing an exquisitely landscaped central park-like garden terrace.

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