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As temperatures in Highlands, North Carolina begin to rise (from the shivering 30s and 40s) in the next few months, you have to ask yourself one question: Who the daisies and daffodils was Alford, Lord Tennyson? We at The Park on Main®, the luxury boutique hotel in Highlands, tend to think he was that sad-eyed English poet of 200 years ago who wrote: “In the Spring a fuller crimson comes upon the robin’s breast; in the Spring the wanton lapwing gets himself another crest.”

While we – forever adoring the wonderful ecological awakenings of beautiful Highlands – weren’t exactly top of the class in high school English literature those many years ago, we do pose the inevitable and considerably more important question: What can we do in Highlands in the springtime?

Temperatures this week in Highlands are hovering in the upper 40s and lower 50s, but springtime temperatures are expected to sail well into the 50s and 60s.

By the time summer arrives when temperatures climb hardily into the 70s, we aspire to look lean, mean, buff and hubba hubba.

What Can We Do In Highlands in the Springtime?

What’s the best way to build muscle and just have a generally lactic acid-producing, serotonin-stimulating good time? By going to the gym. During your stay at The Park on Main®, the pet-friendly hotel on Main Street, you can trot your way to the town of Highlands’ Fitness Center, which offers incredibly inexpensive daily, weekly and monthly rates.

To make your stay invigoratingly wonderful in this small, cosmopolitan and perpetually charming town nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, The Park on Main® is establishing a partnership with the Fitness Center.

That means you can hop – quite literally – over to the Fitness Center to pump some major iron.

But, as every lean, mean, fighting machine knows, what’s a good workout without a swimming pool to display your newfound brawn and bristle? We at The Park on Main® are launching the partnership so that our guests can use the town’s Olympic-sized heated indoors pool. Ooo la la.

Splish, splash to your aerobically conditioned hearts’ content after you’ve slung and heaved the barbells and dumbbells.

The Highlands Pool Complex is at the town’s Recreation Park, which is next to the Civic Center, 600 N. Fourth St.

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The Park on Main hotel is located in the quaint village of Highlands, North Carolina, a picturesque mountain retreat nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. A boutique style hotel, the Park on Main offers 24 luxury suites, each facing an exquisitely landscaped central park-like garden terrace.

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