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Sometimes it’s a long, slow and tortuous process – the evolution of the fragile human mind as it moves toward the union of two individual hearts. For starters, the male of the species must undergo a rugged transformation of emotion and intellect – ideally. And the female, the “Whoa Man!” She also travels through similar phases of heart and mind on her trek to becoming … gulp! … married. Espoused. Joined together. Mated. United in holy matrimony. Wedlocked. All elements of an uniquely ethereal human enterprise. Ah, ain’t the smell of love in the spring afternoon air so sweet? (And, no, we haven’t been in the sun too long!)

Make Your Way to Highlands and Stay at The Park on Main®

While we embrace the gentle nuances of romance, we point prospective lovebirds looking to unite their tender hearts to Highlands, North Carolina, where guests can find tranquility at The Park on Main®. Resting ever so comfortably on a plateau on the Southern Appalachian Mountain range, we even reside closer to the heavenlies, where the air is thinner and hearts weigh heavier. Highlands! It is, indeed, the best place in our humble minds for impassioned hearts to become one flesh and to pronounce their everlasting love for each other. After all, isn’t paradise the ideal place to hear “till death do thee part?” So, come to Highlands to host your wedding feast – to enter into a new life with your betrothed ever after at your side. And permit your sundry wedding guests – your friends and loved ones – to stay at The Park on Main®, to complete your vision of Paradise Found. Here are some tips from Theknot.com (really!) to make your plans for your wedding – in Highlands – absolutely divine.

  • Who’s the boss? This is for BEFORE you get married. It’s the person who will officiate the wedding. You have to be comfortable with this person. It will make for a more relaxed ceremony.

Where can we go for our wedding?

  • In a distant galaxy: For goodness sake, think geography. Make sure the place you’re holding the ceremony is close to the reception area. You don’t want your wedding party hitch-hiking to your reception hall.
  • La-de-da: Make sure you budget enough time. Pre-wedding arrangements can sometimes take longer than you may think. And you have everything booked to fit into a particular set of time. How about this? Three hours for beauty preparations – for the bride. Four minutes for the groom might be sufficient. (You know how men are.)
  • Big and little bucks: Watch how and where you’re spending your wedding budget, especially on decorations. You spend 90 percent on flowers at the entrance only to be able to afford daisies up front? Plan ahead and think smart. And don’t worry about going wild. Consider getting creative – or even dangerous, in the fashion sense – with your decorations.
  • Sit, stay and never go away: Think about your guests. They’ve accepted your invitation and they’re at your wedding to celebrate your new life. Make sure they’re comfortable so that they can enjoy the ceremony. And feed and entertain them well afterwards.
  • Be cool, dude or dudette: Don’t get freaked over the program. You can go nutty with an Oscar Hammerstein production – richly choreographed and splendidly assembled – or you can make it simple and sweet with just the basics. There won’t be any critics (hopefully) to spoil your big day with bad reviews. Holding fast to your priorities will keep your ceremony relaxed, happy and comfortable and serve as a healthy, happy emblem of your future lives together.
  • The wild blue yonder: And we have plenty of that in Highlands. Have a plan B ready in the event of inclement weather – rain, sleet, snow.

Where can we hold our wedding?

  • Auld Lang Syne: We’re talking tradition here, boys and girls. You have to establish your own tradition, a sort of touchstone to your unity together. This could be a reflection on your individual family heritages coming together or something that earmarks your special day in both of your personal histories. And don’t be afraid to be daring or unique. Your wedding day is an occasion for the two of you – and you should not let others influence your ultimate choices.

We’re hoping you discover the perfect arrangements in the ideal setting that paves the way to a bright and everlasting future. Bring your wedding to Highlands, North Carolina, and abide at The Park on Main®. We’re in the construction business; we build memories. The Highlands Chamber of Commerce – www.highlandschamber.org/weddings  – offers a long list of places that host weddings. The weddingwire is an excellent resource for planning your wedding in Highlands: www.weddingwire.com/c/nc-north-carolina/highlands/wedding-venues/11-vendors.html. Did you find these tips helpful and useful? Are you looking for a weekend excursion or planning a wedding-friendly vacation in one of the nicest places in the United States? Come visit us or make reservations today. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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About The Park on Main

The Park on Main hotel is located in the quaint village of Highlands, North Carolina, a picturesque mountain retreat nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. A boutique style hotel, the Park on Main offers 24 luxury suites, each facing an exquisitely landscaped central park-like garden terrace.

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