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The noise! The blood-curdling screaming. The name calling. The sweating, the growling, the horrid faces. You’d think monsters were afoot. Something extremely scary – something truly frightful – is about to arrive.

Your initial reaction might be to call a doctor (or a minister or the cops); but they’re all around, frantic, with their white jackets and forceps and stethoscopes, hurriedly moving their funny-sounding machines, beckoning the beast to come forth.

The Park on Main®: Alas, There We Are

And what became of this nightmarish scene called birth: Alas, it was you, the center of the attention and the object of the agony. For your sake that someone – that woman – experienced existential terror. And you! You merely call her “mom.” On Mother’s Day, you and I say – with wide-eyed and blissfully sweet irony – thank you, mother. And some of us take that screaming, growling, sweating woman of ancient days to a nice, little restaurant for a nice, little Sunday afternoon meal.

We at The Park on Main® – some of us on both sides of that human equation – certainly empathize with the understated devotion we may have for the woman who gave us birth, who propelled us into existence, then spent so many years nurturing us and raising us.

Mother’s Day is Celebrated Internationally

Celebrating Mother’s Day is an international affair with days set aside in most nations.

What Can You Do for Your Mother on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the United States. The idea to establish a day to recognize and salute mothers began in 1872 with Julia Ward Howe, who was seeking support for a disarmament movement. She wanted to call June 2 of that year “Mother’s Day for Peace.” The focus of the day changed over the years to mothers exclusively.

President Woodrow Wilson established May 8 as the first official “Mother’s Day” in 1914.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Highlands

We at The Park on Main® understand the importance and significance of mothers (we had better). We urge and even admonish good children everywhere to bring their mothers to Highlands, North Carolina, Mother Nature’s pride and joy atop a plateau on the Southern Appalachian Mountain Range.

We reckon that dear old mom would certainly find the quiet splendor and sweet delicacies that await her as a guest at The Park on Main® highly satisfying. Some of the finest restaurants, shops and cultural attractions are within walking distance or a short drive.

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We’re sure your mother would appreciate the experience. After all, what more could she say – we mean besides the hyperventilating and the strong language that proceeded your arrival on planet Earth?

Did you find this information helpful and useful? Are you looking for a weekend excursion to take your mother to show her your appreciation? Come visit us or make reservations today. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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