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If we could take just a few cosmic steps backwards to observe the spinning globe from afar, we may not like what we see: This great perfectly rounded ball – blue and brilliant – flies madly, mischievously through frigid blackness with a distant sun watching angrily. This massive acrobatic show, defying all the conventional safety rules and disrupting polite society’s grasp of proper physics, rips apart our sense of security and soundness.

We’re riding a thrill ride of terror; this insanity called Earth is bound to send us to our fiery doom, hurling us endlessly through infinity’s vast emptiness. Welcome yonder earthlings to Earth Day in Highlands, NC!

For nearly a hundred years of the industrial age, we have treated our planet – this spaceship Earth – rather shabbily, pumping layers of endless smog into urban skies and sludge into pristine waterways. We roared around in rude V8s with nary a care in the world. Earth, we surmised, would surely understand.

Although our “Silent Spring” arrived in 1962, we seemingly came to our senses in 1970, according to Earth Day Network. “Silent Spring” was a New York Times bestseller that brought about our awakening. It ushered in our embrace of the environment. Our love for our planet and its environment began to blossom.

And thus came Earth Day, founded by Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. More than 20 million people publicly celebrated Earth Day’s inauguration on April 22, 1970.

As a guest at The Park on Main®, nestled comfortably on a mountainous plateau of Southern Appalachia, surrounded by 400 million-year-old geological artistry, you can celebrate your wild journey on this magnificent high-flying rock, rotating rapidly while keeping a careful eye on a precarious moon.

Highlands Biological Station Hosts Earth Day Festival

The Highlands Biological Station’s Nature Center is hosting Earth Day festivals with ecological friendly activities and programs. The event is 11:30 – 4:30 p.m. April 23. It is free and open to all ages.

Administered by Western Carolina University, the Highlands Biological Station’s mission is “to foster education and research focused on the rich natural heritage of the Highlands Plateau, while preserving and celebrating the integrity of the ‘biological crown of the southern Appalachian Mountains.”

Celebrate Earth Day in Highlands, NC

The nature center presents exhibits and programs on the biodiversity of the Southern Appalachian region. Founded in 1927, the center hosts special events and provides tours and holds nature camps for children. Campers go on field trips and learn about the Nantahala National Forest’s plants and animals.

The Highlands Botanical Garden provides a demonstration garden of the area’s diverse flora. Nearly 500 species of mosses, ferns, wildflowers, shrubs and trees grow in the forest, wetlands and old-growth plant communities that are connected by trails and boardwalks, according to www.highlandsbiological.org. Native Azaleas, Plants of the Cherokee, Mosses and Liverworts, Wildflower Meadow, Butterfly-pollinated and Rock Outcrop species are in display on the garden. The garden is free and open to the public year-round from sunrise and sunset.

Celebrate Earth Day as a guest at The Park on Main® in one of the few places on the planet where Earth Day dares to showcase its splendor – the dramatic beauty of North Carolina’s Appalachia.

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