Covid-19 Message

Covid-19 Message - The Park On Main

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been and will continue to be a major concern for everyone, we wanted to share with you how we are managing the situation during our reopening. The Park on Main Hotel has stepped up precautionary measures on preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have placed a situational action plan and training program in place that exceeds the recommendations of the CDC and the local health department.  We are in constant contact with our vendors, our management company, and reviewing the CDC guidelines to ensure that we are following all precautions to make sure that the safety of our guests and staff is at the forefront of all actions and activities at The Park on Main. The Park on Main will do everything that we can to ensure that our guests have a safe and pleasant stay. The safety of our guests and staff is of the utmost concern of the management team/owners at The Park on Main.  The following has been implemented at The Park on Main Hotel:

The Park on Main Hotel – Updated Procedures and Policies

Registration/Concierge Desk and Lobby Procedures and Administration

  • At the Registration/Concierge Desk, we will be opening only 1 check-in station for our guests. This station will be shielded by plexi-glass from the desk to the ceiling.  All other stations will be obviously closed with a plexi-glass shield and sign stating that this station is closed.  We have removed the chairs at the front desk to prevent guests from hanging in the area.
  • All staff members will wear single use disposable gloves and a mask and/or face shield.
  • There will be a hand sanitizer at the Registration /Concierge Desk. There is an additional one by the fireplace in the lobby near the breakfast bar.
  • We have replaced the traditional welcome greeting of a handshake throughout the hotel with a nod of the head as our acknowledgement and welcome.
  • All of our front desk Butlers and support staff will visibly use hand sanitizer as soon as a new guest walks up to the front/concierge desk for check-in and check-out procedures.
  • We have implemented no-touch check-in.  All of guests will not be signing a registration card and/or credit card folio.  Guests will be asked to show their picture ID and credit card to the front desk Butler for proper verification.  The card swipe will serve as our proof of acknowledgement at check-in.
  • We will not be accepting cash for payment at the hotel.
  • We have moved the swipe part of our credit card machine to the front of the registration desk, so that the guest can swipe their credit card themselves.  The credit card swipe will be sanitized after each guest use along with the entire front desk area.
  • We have removed all magazines/books from the front desk and lobby area where it is not possible to properly disinfect after contact by any individual (guest or employee).
  • We are preforming twice daily sanitization of all lobby, elevator, common areas, and office spaces.  This sanitization includes and is not limited to all horizontal spaces, telephones, seating areas, doors, desks, etc.
  • When a guest checks out of their room, they will place their room key in a designated container at the front desk.  These room keys will be properly sanitized prior to use by another guest.
  • The public restrooms in the lobby will be closed.  These will be reserved for staff use only.  The restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized twice a day.
  • All deliveries including guest deliveries are being left at the front desk.  None of the staff will be signing for these deliveries, but asking the delivery service to sign the delivery record on our behalf.  If the item is for a guest, it will be sanitized at the front desk and a staff member utilizing single use gloves will place the item in your room.
  • We will not be accepting printed collateral and material from our vendors, but asking them to submit this information via email.
  • There is a microwave and toaster on the breakfast bar during all hours of the day except for breakfast times.  Please use this to reheat your food.  This area will be cleaned and sanitized twice a day and each guest is asked to sanitize the area after they use it. 
  • The kitchen area is for employees only due to sanitization regulations.  If you need something out of the kitchen, please ask a staff member and it will be provided for you.  The staff will utilize the disposable glove method.
  • The speed of the fans in the elevator has been increase to the highest setting.
  • We ask that only 1 guest checks into the lobby at a time – this follows the guidelines of social distancing.
  • We ask that pet owners keep their pets at a safe distance from other pets – social distancing for the pets.
    • Mr. Pickles Dog Park is temporarily closed – we have just reseeded the park and added additional landscaping.

Breakfast Procedures

  • All staff that handles food will use single use gloves on their hands without exception in addition to the required hand washing required by the local Health Department.
  • Hand sanitizer is available by the breakfast bar for guest use.
  • We have temporarily replaced our plates and utensils with single use items, so that they can be disposed of after use by each guest.  The utensils and napkins are wrapped for your protection.
  • Each guest is required by the Macon County Health Department to take their food to their room to consume.  No food will be consumed in the lobby.
  • We have temporarily replaced our standard continental breakfast with items that are individually packaged including beverages.
  • Our coffee service will be available at all times with the use of K-Cups, individual packaged sweeteners, individual creamers and disposable coffee cups/lids.  We ask that if you want a second cup of coffee that you use a clean disposable cup to assist us in maintaining our cleaning procedures.

Guest Suites/Rooms

  • All guest rooms and common spaces have been deep cleaned and sanitized before we reopened the hotel.
  • All guest rooms will sit vacant for up to 48 hours after check-out before being cleaned and sanitized.
  • After each room has been occupied, an Ozone machine is being placed in the room for a minimum of 45 minutes.  Ozone has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses (including Corona)
    • After the Ozone machine has been placed in the room, we are utilizing a hospital grade disinfectant sprayed on all surfaces in the guest room – this is allowed to dry and not be wiped off (creating a 2nd layer of protection)
  • We have removed all magazines and literature out of the rooms because we are not able to sanitize these items between guests.
  • We have replaced our traditional coffee mugs and glasses in the room with individually single use mugs and cups. 
  • The water glasses in the room have been removed and replaced with individually wrapped plastic cups.
  • The wine glasses have been removed from the room, but are available by request at our front desk.  When you receive requested wine glasses, they will be given to you by staff using single use gloves after they have been run through our sanitation dishwasher.
  • The toilet paper in the bathroom is placed on the toilet paper holder with the wrapper still on the roll.  If you need additional toilet paper, please ask for it at the front desk.
  • We will be collecting trash throughout the day.  Please place any trash outside of your room in the trash bag provided and notify the front desk, so that it can be removed in a prompt manner.


  • Housekeeping is supplied with gloves, mask and face shield. All members of the housekeeping department will arrive at work in their personal clothes and change into their uniform at the hotel.  At the end of the day, the housekeeping department will change back into their personal clothing and leave their uniform items to be washed and cleaned at the hotel.
  • We have set aside a guest room for the use of the housekeeping department to use. Any time during the day, if they feel uncomfortable and want to take a shower and change into a fresh uniform they will be allowed to do this. 
  • They are taking extra care in each room and common area to sanitize any and all touch points, leaving nothing unaddressed. We are using a 3-step process to clean each room where 2 of the steps include hospital grade sanitization chemicals.
  • Out room attendants have single use gloves that they will be utilizing when they are cleaning your room prior to your arrival. A fresh set of gloves will be used for each guest suite/room.
  • As always we are laundering all towels, sheets, blankets, duvets, mattress pads and robes utilizing before each guest checks into their room/suite. The chemicals that we are utilizing not only clean all of these items, but it sanitizes during the wash cycle with the aid of hot water.
  • All paper products are being replaced in the room, so that each guest receives new items before their arrival.
  • All touch surfaces in the rooms including the upholstery items in the room are being sanitized prior to your arrival
  • Our standard stay over clean each day is being suspended. This is for the safety of our guests and staff.   If you need clean towels or amenities, please contact the front desk.  Your towels will be delivered to your door in a sealed bag for your protection
  • All guest rooms will sit vacant for up to 48 hours after check-out before being cleaned and sanitized.