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Invite a poet, a philosopher, a mathematician, a theologian and a biologist over for a lively discussion under the pretense you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day party. Provide your company with a debate agenda on the meaning of love, lock the door from the outside and run for your life. Watch from a distance billowing existential smoke, emotional fireworks and intellectual gunfire. The games have begun.

We at The Park on Main, the luxury boutique hotel in Highlands, North Carolina where love always tends to blossom, may even be willing to provide accommodations to witness such beautiful savagery – all describing the invisible elephant that expresses itself as the positive passion of the special human bond.

Of course, the mathematician will say the human heart beats 100,000 times in a day (or 2.5 billion times in a lifetime), more when “love” is in the air. The killjoy biologist will talk about serotonin levels. The philosopher will question whether anyone really is even discussing love. The poet will sigh and the theologian will reference the heavenly host.

Valentine’s Day arrives with quiet thunder this Sunday, inviting love birds (or even like birds) everywhere to express their exuberance and their yearning for the human object of their heart’s desire. Oh so lovely is love – indefinable, surreal, maddeningly consuming and so mischievously evasive. Poets paint love’s symphony, romantics sing its praise, mathematicians add up all the wrong numbers and the biologist throws the monoamine neurotransmitters out the window with the bathwater.

Discover Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at The Park on Main

Although winter still blusters and blows about its chilly irony, Valentine’s Day sets firmly in the center of the frigid season making hearts warm and passions yearn.

But enough of this literary musing about this many splendored thing. Let us submerse ourselves in the nuts and bolts of Valentine’s Day and how to make it a wondrous occasion for the two of you all.  Here are some tips from Family Life, a faith-based nonprofit organization, collected from its readers and viewers:

  • Write down different types of kisses (cheek peck, passionate) on small pieces of paper, put them in a red bag and give them to your snookiedoogle cake. Your honeybunch can remove the notes to order the type of kisses listed.
  • Write an essay or short book on why you love your little smoochiekins.
  • Take your snookums on a scavenger hunt to find riddles placed around the area or the town. The last one will provide instructions on your Valentine’s Day activities.
  • Have a candlelight dinner at home. Give your buttercup a massage and watch a romantic movie – even a chick flick.
  • Take your puppycakes on a special getaway. Arrange for child care and make it a surprise.
  • Get your boopiedoll a dozen roses with notes on each for future dates on something your boopiedoll would love to do.
  • Go to your favorite restaurant. After you order your food, write down your favorite memories with your buttercup from the last year.
  • Have 11 roses delivered to your hotmama then give hotmama the 12th as you read a love poem (written by you, silly).
  • Put helium balloons and gifts in a large box for your pookiebear.
  • Order take out and have a Valentine’s Day picnic with your snugglebug.
  • Prepare a meal and arrange it with symbols of love for your sugarbubbles. For example, spell “I love you” with string beans or make food in the shape of a heart.

But of course, we’d be terribly remiss if we didn’t suggest a romantic weekend stay at The Park on Main.

We at The Park on Main®, where romance always springs eternal, hope you found these tidbits helpful. If you have tips of your own, share them with us. Come visit us. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on social media channels.

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