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Poor mom. Long-suffering mother. Forever the filter through whom you vent your stray emotions. The woman who nobly listens as you whine about life’s injustices. If you look close enough, you might even detect her tilting her head to the side like a confused puppy, but she’ll never admit it. You’re her little tiger, her little sweetie – even though you’re three feet taller.

She is the woman who stands sentimental at the gate to the roller coaster of your life. She isn’t perfect, no doubt about that. But somehow, in the grand scheme of eternal circumstances, she’s perfect – for you, that is. This is why you should celebrate her. (Our little secret: Schedule your Mother’s Day in Highlands, North Carolina.)

Runny Noses, Pimples, Sassiness and Loud Music

She is your mother – forever holding a bias on your behalf. You’re always the best, you’re always the most beloved, you’re always nothing more than her snookums – at heart. She changed your diapers. She cleaned the slop off your face; she was there when you first walked. She celebrated you and your runny nose, and your pimples, and your sassiness, and your weird hairdos.

You didn’t know it, but she had an eye on you after your first puppy love broke your heart. You were never alone, not really, when your mother was around.

She kept and cherished your outrageous artwork. She tolerated your loud, rebellious music. And so many, many years ago, she screamed, she sweated and she profaned all that is decent and holy in the world – all for the sake of your agonizing arrival, as if tiny, little, gooey you thought you were something special.

For the Love of a Mother

Even the doctor gazed upon you in horror. Your crinkly face, your squinty eyes. The slime and the ooze dribbling from your naked body. The doctor even slapped your little hiney to make sure you were human.

Bystanders would have dashed away in terror upon your entrance into the world – if they hadn’t already understood that you were your mother’s little darling, yucky, precious, helpless and misshapen.

Enjoy Mother’s Day in Highlands, NC at The Park on Main®

But then the nurses laid little you, wrapped in swaddling hospital garb, on dear mommy’s chest. And despite those hours of screaming, despite those dread moments where the feeling of death appeared ever looming, despite that obnoxious Catcher in the Rye doctor demanding she “push,” your dear mother shed tears of joy as she held you in her trembling arms – you, that bundle of strange human incongruities.

You were hers. She looked for herself in you. She gazed at your incoherent eyes, the shape of your squashed little nose, the twist of your oblivious mouth.

Then she spent the next few years of her life feeding you and taking care of you – endless nights full of tears, sleeplessness and fatigue. Then she spent another long stretch of years tending to your fickle demands: Do this, do that! Get me this! Buy me that! Mine! Mine! Mine! Endless saga of Miltonian torment.

She instructed you. She attempted to teach you manners. She always had you in mind, whether or not you ever recognized her hard work. She did it for you. And at the end of those long years, she didn’t collect a paycheck. She wasn’t honored at some huge awards banquet. She wasn’t recruited to lead a parade. All she ever got was maybe a “Happy Mother’s Day” and an artistic monstrosity of colored paper marked illegibly with something about you and her and maybe some very ghastly geometry depicting a house.

All the best expert linguistics could figure was that the card may have said: “haPy muthrs dae.”

Mother’s Day in Highlands

And here we are. Mother’s Day 2016.

We at The Park on Main® know all about mothers. In fact, many of us are mothers. And all of us, we believe, have mothers. So we understand how special mothers are – although we’re sometimes as guilty as the rest in forgetting just how much that woman in our lives sacrificed for us and loved us.

We recommend taking mother to this wonderful plateau atop the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Let her enjoy the gorgeous scenery and the charm and passion of this small town of Highlands, North Carolina. Here she’ll discover some of the best and the finest restaurants, shops and cultural attractions this side of the delivery room.

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Do it for mom! You remember – that screaming, growling woman who thrust you into existence so many years ago.

Did you find this information helpful and useful? Are you looking for a weekend excursion to take your mother to show her your appreciation? Come visit us or make reservations today. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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