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The seed of modern human civilization in the Americas may have been planted more than 500 years ago – but by whom and exactly when is still subject to dispute.

The taming of the new continent would come slowly and at a price in blood, sweat and tragedy as pioneers staked claim to strange and rugged terrain. By 21st century standards, the conquering of the land over the many generations may have appeared barbaric and distinctly uncomfortable.

Explore History and Heritage at The Park on Main®

We at The Park on Main®, a pet-friendly luxurious hotel in Highlands, North Carolina, find the historic trek fascinating and revealing, providing a window of sorts into our own compositions.

We are our ancestors – awash as they were in triumph, frustration, tragedy and the whispered mayhem of their own human nature.

We must look into our past to find our future and to embrace our present.

Finding History and Heritage in Highlands

Look Deep into America’s Past

As you seek solace and relaxation at The Park on Main®, what better way to explore the realities of human history than to visit Highlands Historic Village? Home to the Highlands Historic Society, the village has three historic buildings, according to

Some of Highlands’ oldest homes are at the village, giving visitors an opportunity to examine and immerse themselves in the area’s past.

The House-Boynton-Trapier-Wright Home was built in 1877 by millwright Arthur House, states. Known as the “the Prince House,” it serves as a living history museum.

Frank Boynton, one of Highlands’ earliest residents, and Charles Sprague Sargent made botany history in 1865 with the rediscovery of Shortia galacifolia. The plant, also known as Oconee bells, hadn’t been seen for nearly a century.

The Highlands Museum and Archives was originally built on Main Street in 1915. It was supposed to house the Hudson Library, which is considered one of North Carolina’s oldest libraries. The building was moved to the historic village in 2002 and upgraded to serve as a modern museum.

Bug Hill Cottage was built in 1908 for patients of Dr. Mary E. Lapham. It was one of 60 open-air cubicles that served as a tuberculosis sanatorium, one of the first in North Carolina.

The village is open 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Friday and Saturday; and 1 – 4 p.m. Sunday. Hours change in November for the winter season. Admission is free.

The village is three blocks north of downtown Highlands on U.S. Highway 64 East. The address is 524 North 4th Street. The telephone number is (828) 787-1050.

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