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Some things have to be kept secret; full disclosure just doesn’t work on life’s deeper planes. Our nature compels us to discover, to break open the stubborn mysteries. The fascination with Britain’s famous private detective Sherlock Holmes exemplifies that concept: There’s nary a mystery Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s old sleuth couldn’t unravel.

Sherlock Holmes represented that indomitable aspect of the human soul to conquer – where it counts, righting society’s woes and bringing to justice evil men seeking shelter in society’s ancient shadows. Looking for excellent shows in Highlands, NC. Let Sherlock Holmes lend an investigative hand.

Doyle’s “The Game’s Afoot” is playing at Martin Lispcomb Performing Arts Center, 507 Chestnut Street, May 19 – 22, according to the Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center.

‘The Game’s Afoot’: Sherlock Holmes in Highlands, NC

It’s an unusual tale, a double entendre of sorts, which focuses on real-life American actor, playwright and manager William Hooker Gillette of the early 20th century. Gillette was known for his portrayal of Holmes on Broadway and in a 1916 silent film.

Gillette is hosting a party at his castle in Connecticut with his fellow cast members when one of his guests is found stabbed to death. “Real life” then turns to fiction as Gillette assumes the role of his “fictitious” character of Sherlock Holmes to find the killer before there’s another victim.

The Play Mixes Mystery With Comedy

This Highlands Cashiers Players Production mixes Doyle’s trademark mystery-suspense genre with flairs of British comedy as Holmes and Dr. Watson plod their way to revealing the murderous culprit.

For tickets or other information about shows in Highlands, NC, call 828-526-8084.

We at The Park on Main®, the pet-friendly hotel on Highlands’ Main Street just blocks away from the performing arts center, want to let you in on a not-so-mysterious secret. Your stay at this luxury boutique hotel – a century after yet another of Holmes’ intellectual triumphs over the forces of cunning, mischief and mayhem – will be exquisite, refined and filled with old-fashioned good times.

The Park on Main® sets firmly on a Southern Appalachian plateau overlooking the noble grandeur of the Great Smoky Mountains. Come to The Park on Main® for wonderful mystery and scenic splendor.

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