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There are a lot of backward and obsolete laws still on the books throughout the United States. North Carolina, home of The Park On Main®, is no exception. Check out these wacky laws that could still be enforced in the state. From gambling and bingo, to drinking and singing, you won’t believe some of these regulations.

Strange and Obsolete Laws in North Carolina

1. Drinking: This state has a lot of rules about drinking! It’s illegal to have alcohol specials at a happy hour in North Carolina! Only food items are permitted to be promoted.

hard to believe illegal activities in North Carolina

2. Singing: Want to get up and perform? Well, in North Carolina, you’d better be good! In this state, it’s actually illegal to sing off-key! Seems kind of harsh, penalizing people who have tin ears.

3. DUI: We all know not to drink and drive. But did you know that in North Carolina, it’s illegal to drink and ride a horse? Safety first, in all manners of conveyance! What horse wants to deal with a drunk anyway?

4. Reward Money: Sorry, you can’t collect your own reward. Pretty weird.

5. No Psychics Allowed: Well, no professional psychics at least. Amateurs are within their rights to read palms, tell fortunes and so on.

6. Fancy Dress Is Not Allowed: Organizations cannot have official meetings when their members are dressed up in costumes. We have to wonder if this goes back to colonial times. Maybe there was some anxiety in North Carolina right after the Boston Tea Party?

7. Bingo Restrictions: There are plenty of North Carolina laws about bingo. No bingo game may be longer than five hours, and no alcohol can be present. We have to wonder what prompted these laws!

hard to believe illegal activities in North Carolina

8. Motel Marriage: If an unmarried man and woman register as a married couple at a motel, guess what? The law will consider them husband and wife! Be careful what you wish for; it may just come true!

9. Plant Protection: It’s not OK to pluck leaves from the Galax plants along the Blue Ridge Parkway. With lots of medicinal properties, they have perhaps been over-picked through the years. Now the state has taken steps to protect them.

10. No Graveyard Shift: In North Carolina, it’s against the law to be in a graveyard after midnight. There’s really no good reason to be there at that hour anyway. Right?

These hard to believe illegal activities in North Carolina may seem silly or old-fashioned, but for now, at least, they are still on the books. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be aware of these goofy rules as you enjoy your stay in Highlands, NC! Make your reservation at The Park on Main® in Highlands, NC, today.

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