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Something happens at Christmas parades, something deep, something joyous and something wholesome – all at the same time. Children settle themselves on street curbs, adults sit in lawn chairs on Main Street sidewalks. And in the distance, the soft noise building, the colorful costumes coming into sight, the triumphal entry commences. The symbolic spoils of some ancient battle are due to make their way past the throngs.

This isn’t ancient times. This is the 21st century Christmas parade. The parade of Highlands, North Carolina – the home of The Park on Main, the luxury, pet-friendly hotel – is called Highlands’ Olde Mountain Christmas Parade.

It arrives in this small town with a booming of drums and a crashing of symbols Dec 5 at 11 a.m. For more information, call Highlands Christmas Parade organizer Jennifer Cunningham at 828-526-2112.

As with most Christmas parades in these great United States, Santa Claus is expected to make an appearance to greet and take note of all the good little (and big) children across hill and dale. Although merry old St. Nicholas is on a tight schedule with many, many stops, he finds his trip to the western North Carolina plateaus of the Southern Appalachian Mountains especially endearing – and a rather easy landing for his high-flying reindeer. (Rudolph especially enjoys Highlands’ rolling scenery and autumn’s colorful backdrop.)

Join The Park on Main December 5 for the Highlands Christmas Parade

Military Generals Rode in Ancient Parades

While Christmas parades of modern times celebrate the spirit of the holidays with representations of the faith and that lively pageantry of small-town Americana, holiday parades of the late Medieval and Renaissance eras were displays of Roman triumphs with wagons loaded with the spoils of war. Parade goers celebrated with music playing and banners waving with the military general or the kingdom ruler riding in a chariot pulled by horses.

Santa Claus being towed in his sleigh by eight reindeer (or a reasonable facsimile) is the highpoint of most holiday parades today – particularly for children and the cheerful-hearted staff at The Park on Main.

The Highlands Olde Mountain Christmas Parade is being billed as a trip down Memory Lane. As with past Highlands parades, anticipate an assortment of Christmas season icons, including Biblical wise men, Joseph and Mary (on a camel), local politicians, floats, representatives from local businesses and nonprofit organizations, and marching bands from schools.

Come and watch Highlands’ Christmas parade. This is old-fashioned fun in the lap of outdoor beauty.

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