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Christmas ain’t Christmas without a Christmas parade. And in Highlands, North Carolina, that is especially true. After all, at 4,117 feet above sea level, nestled in the riveting white beauty of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Highlands simply must have the Highlands Christmas parade.

The Highlands Olde Mountain Christmas Parade begins 11 a.m., Dec. 3, and meanders grandly along Main Street, in all its splendor, right past the illustrious pet-friendly boutique hotel, The Park on Main®.

But this isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill Christmas parade. While numerous community groups, schools, businesses and churches are expected to participate, Santa Claus himself and his lovely wife are planning to present themselves at the parade, waving cordially and watching for good boys and girls. How could they miss Highlands in the winter? We have yet to confirm whether the North Pole residents have, in fact, booked a suite at The Park on Main® yet or whether they’re planning to make the 6,000-mile trek back to their chilly Arctic Circle residence later that evening.

Santa in highlands Christmas parade

Lots and Lots To Do in Highlands

The Highlands Olde Mountain Christmas Parade has much to offer parade-goers, including a live nativity, music and dancing.  For wise visitors to Highlands for the parade, the city has plenty of cultural and culinary offerings.

The Park on Main® sets you firmly in the lap of wintery luxury for a close-up view of this majestic event. While Highlands isn’t exactly conducive to celebrations of big, militaristic triumphs of Roman conquest, holiday parades run deep into human history. Parades of the late Medieval and early Renaissance eras were expressions of nationalistic pride and achievement with wagons loaded with the spoils of wars. Parade goers played music and waved banners as military generals or rulers rode in horse-drawn chariots.

In essence, Highlands Olde Mountain Christmas Parade celebrates the triumphs of war – on a deeper level of heart and spirit. Parade-goers celebrate community and embrace fellowship. Come and experience Highlands’ very own Christmas parade and enjoy the old-fashioned good life.

As you prepare for parade weekend, make reservations today at The Park on Main®. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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The Park on Main hotel is located in the quaint village of Highlands, North Carolina, a picturesque mountain retreat nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. A boutique style hotel, the Park on Main offers 24 luxury suites, each facing an exquisitely landscaped central park-like garden terrace.

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