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Brains or brawn? Ever the eternal question. Aren’t we inclined to one or the other? Does our biology dictate our nature? Are we merely the hapless creatures of our genetic code, destined to follow the physiological course set in place by eons of ancestral predilection? Not in Highlands, North Carolina at The Park on Main®.

The compulsion to achieve greater – or maintain current – fitness levels drives increasingly larger segments of American society, especially in the wash of so many media reports of health studies touting the benefits of active living.

With this vast information feed at our disposal, we supposedly can choose aptly and wisely: What health and recreation courses fit our own peculiar lifestyles and tastes? It can be a complex mix of choices that sometimes confound, but the bottom line always seems to speak to us: Just get a move on, buster. Get off your rear!

It’s as simple at that – and in Highlands, North Carolina at The Park on Main®, the opportunity to get your blood flowing, your muscles moving, your lungs huffing and your heart pounding has been made so much easier. Against the vast and colorful backdrop of the North Carolina landscape, engaging the flesh in robust movement is merely a matter of stepping outdoors.

Are you looking for a place that has prime amenities and the highest level of creature comforts yet still provides you the environment to employ those deltoids – those misbehaving pectoral majors, those stubborn gluteus maximuses – in some intense interval sessions? You’ve found it in Highlands, North Carolina. It’s that spot on the map – that quiet treasure – that settles humbly on a plateau in the southern Appalachian Mountains .

Now that we at The Park on Main® have rightly taken your breath away, here are some places – taken from – that just may take even more of your breath away:

  • For those latissimus dorsis, you can go canoeing. Call Highlands Canoe Rental at 407-421-1818. It’s at 1536 Franklin Road.


  • For some deltoid action, perhaps golfing is the course you want to pursue. Call the world famous Highlands Falls Country Club at 828-526-4118.
  • How about some old-fashioned Paul Bunyon muscle building: The Tom Sawyer Christmas Tree Farm is on 240 Chimney Pond Road in Glenville. Call 828-743-5456.
  • Walk out of the hotel and go right to the path for Sunset Rock. This is a great hike and the beauty of the North Carolina sunset awaits.

What Does Highlands, North Carolina Offer for the Athletically Inclined and Fitness Buffs?

  • Great golfing at The Burlingame Country Club is in Sapphire. Call 828-966-9200.
  • The 18-hole course at High Hampton Inn and Country Club features 6,012 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 71. Designed by George W. Cobb, ASGCA, the course opened in 1956.
    It is located at 1525 Highway 107 South Cashiers. Call 800-334-2551
  • The 9-hole executive course at Red Bird Golf Links highlights the best of North Carolina golf. Designed by Reid Horne, it opened in 2001. It is located at 67 Cherokee Trail in Sapphire. Call 828-743-1991
  • The 18-hole course at Sapphire National Golf Club features 6,147 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 70. Designed by Ron Garl, it opened in 1982.It is located at 50 Slicers Avenue
    Sapphire. Call 828-743-1174
  • The Jackson Hole Gem Mine is at 977 Highlands Road. Call 828-524-5850.
  • For those brave of cardiovascular systems, the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad is in Bryson City. The website is
  • The Highlands Biological Foundation is at 265 N. Sixth Street in Highlands. Its garden and nature areas are great places for walking. Call 828-526-2602.
  • For proper lung expression, try Nantahala Outdoor Center at 13077 West Highway 19 in Bryson City. Call 800-232-7238.
  • Carpe Diem Farms is at 544 Western Rhodes Drive in Highlands for some serious strolling. Call 828-526-2854.
  • More golfing at Wildcat Cliffs Country Club is at 770 Country Club Drive. Call 828-526-2165.

There you have it. An opportunity – and good reason – to book lodging at The Park on Main® to employ your muscle and brawn to enjoy Highlands.

Did you find this article useful and of course invigorating? Do you have others you would add? Are you looking for a weekend excursion or planning a vacation in one of the nicest places in the United States? We at The Park on Main® hope you can discover the Highlands history for yourself. Come visit us or make reservations today. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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