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It’s an eerie, blue-green world of splendor and serenity where life moves quietly, determinedly – an illusory realm where we as humans can only explore from a distance or with the aid of our contraptions, our fancy equipment or our rudimentary technology.

We can’t really abide beneath the waters naturally – in the soft, thick atmosphere of very different species. Nature won’t allow it; but we can observe. We can gaze at carefree life forms that seem to slide through an element – hydrogen dioxide – that we can never, ironically, live without ourselves.

But we can fish, by golly. We can cast in our lines and lures – as if we were aliens from another dimension – and capture for ourselves the delicacies that move about beneath. We can be fishers of fish – and ain’t it the truth?

The Park on Main® Delves into Fishing Opportunities

Fishing is ethereal, perhaps metaphysical. Even in Highlands. And it is fun, it is relaxing, it is refreshing. And we at The Park on Main® – the luxurious pet-friendly hotel – will now abandon deep thinking and ruminating to explore the many fishing opportunities in Highlands, North Carolina – up here, on this plateau atop a range in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Where are the best places to fish in Highlands, North Carolina? Here are some the best fishing places near The Park on Main, the pet-friendly hotel.

Let us venture forth, dear fishers, to discover the peaceful, plentiful waters near The Park on Main®.

Fishing Opportunities Abound Near The Park on Main®

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  • The Tuckaseegee River is excellent for catching trout and is one of the more popular places for fly fishing. It is accessible and shallow enough in most places for wading. Several upstream lakes run into the river. Fishing spots are about 30 minutes from Highlands. While the river is heavily stocked, these fish aren’t “dumb,” which calls for some smart fishing.
  • You have easy access to Caney Fork, a picturesque stream about 30 minutes from Highlands.
  • The West Fork of The Pigeon River is a little more than an hour from Highlands. This scenic river sits in the Pisgah National Forest and promises a few surprises for eager fishers.
  • The Ravens Fork River in Cherokee is about an hour’s drive. It is 2 ½ miles of exclusively fly fishing and for catch and release. The river is on the Cherokee Reservation and is heavily stocked to allow fishers the opportunity to catch large trout.
  • The Oconoluftee River flows through Cherokee town and is maintained by the Cherokees. Most places are easily accessible and fish are considered larger than average. The area is about an hour’s drive away.
  • The Cullasaja River meanders through Highlands to the Cullasaja Gorge and into the Little Tennessee River in Franklin, North Carolina. It’s about 30 minutes to some very scenic fishing spots. Bust Your Butt Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are popular attractions for those looking for great photo shoots. The area has numerous picnic areas and is along U.S. Highway 64.

Did you find these tips helpful and useful? Are you planning on gathering the fishing equipment to go in search of that grand fishing spot for that once-in-a-lifetime catch?  Come visit us or make reservations today. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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