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One great theologian and philosopher once contemplated the experience of being alone – it just doesn’t mesh well into our human nature. We are designed to share; in a sense, experience isn’t experience without the ability to at least interpret it with someone else.

A sunrise without someone else just doesn’t carry the same weight – and imaginary friends don’t count. While we at The Park on Main® refuse to comment on imaginary friends, we encourage our guests to share the experiences they discover in Highlands, North Carolina, atop a plateau on southern Appalachian Mountain range.

You Won’t Be Lonesome at Lonesome Valley

An excellent place to do that – and please excuse our awful use of irony – is Lonesome Valley’s Canyon Kitchen, just 13 miles from The Park on Main®, in Sapphire, North Carolina.

Lonesome Valley is the last place for lonesomeness. With a gentle roll of mountains as the backdrop, this kitchen is a splendid immersion into the wonders of nature and the tastes of culinary excellence. According to, the kitchen “offers a humble yet extraordinary connection to food that both sustains and entertains the senses.”

We’re not sure we could have put that any better – linguistically or aesthetically. There’s more: “Massive oak beams define the structure of Jennings Barn and its open-air dining. Broad, rolling meadows and magnificent granite faces set the scene. Guests are invited to stroll through the gardens; enjoy the soft hues of sunset and the dazzling display of fireflies. Nature’s aperitif.”

Lonesome Valley: Visit When You’re Staying at The Park on Main

Lonesome Valley Serves Local Delicacies

The Canyon Kitchen prepares food obtained from local farms; its “diverse menus reflect a rich combination of garden goodness, innovative nouveau-southern tradition and the honest joy that transforms culinary passion into dining pleasure around a table shared by family and friends.”

We’re as impressed with their culinary offerings as we are with their eloquent expressiveness.

The Park on Main®, the pet-friendly luxury hotel, exemplifies the refined and genteel sensibilities of the Deep South and helps lead visitors on an experiential journey into the heart of old country living.

Lonesome Valley’s Country Kitchen is just one of many treasures Highlands visitors can explore on their way to discovering this side of America – easy living nestled within the geographic playground of Big Dog Mountain, Flat Mountain, Scaly Mountain, Satulah Mountain, Ostin Knob and Peggy Knob – elegant playmates on life’s grand horizon.

Who can be lonely in Highlands?

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