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In some ancient, mist-covered realm, heavily shrouded in theological idiom, early humans were issued the divine edict to rule “over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

And all that may have been good, but traveling 1,000 miles on the interstate in a Buick LaCrosse with an energetic Bichon Frise to The Park on Main® is altogether another story.

This luxurious, pet-friendly boutique hotel in the charming cosmopolitan small town of Highlands, North Carolina in the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains is always an exquisite occasion destined for the ages. However, riding over hill and dale, around lovely twists and turns, may stir significant angst in old Fido or Fluffy. So, how do you make a long road trip with pets?

You may have been planning your vacation for months, and wisely marked your map to enjoy the offerings of The Park on Main® and Highlands, but you’ve yet to resolve how your pet will take to the open road.

Fear not. We offer tips to make your beloved pet’s travel easy with minimal stress and thereby allow you to take in the magnificence of Highlands during your sweet stay at The Park on Main®.

Make A Long Road Trip With Pets Stress Free And Easy

Get Your Pet Accommodated To Traveling

For starters, the American Kennel Club recommends considering a crate, which can keep your pet safe and secure. Crates should be large enough for your dog to stand, move around some and lie down. Crates should be sturdy with handles and grips. Adequate ventilation on opposing sides is an absolute must.

  • Now for the car. Get your pet used to sitting in your car with you. The first introduction to your car may be just allowing your pet to sit with you in it. Don’t drive anywhere in the beginning.
  • The next step to get your pet accommodated to car travel is to go on short trips (before the long road trip with pets).
  • For extended rides, make sure your pet doesn’t have an empty stomach. This helps avoid the possibility of car sickness. Also make sure your pet has adequate water.
  • Ensure that during your longer rides – and your final run to The Park on Main® – your vehicle is ventilated well and your pet has fresh air. Don’t allow pets to put their heads out of open windows when traveling, which can cause eye injuries. And don’t put your pets in the back of open trucks.
  • Make frequent stops to give your pets exercise.
  • Don’t allow your children to tease your pets during long trips.
  • Don’t leave your pet in a closed vehicle, especially during the summer. If you must leave the car, assign someone to stay with your pet.

What do you think of these tips? Are you and your pet planning to head this way soon? Make reservations today. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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About The Park on Main

The Park on Main hotel is located in the quaint village of Highlands, North Carolina, a picturesque mountain retreat nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. A boutique style hotel, the Park on Main offers 24 luxury suites, each facing an exquisitely landscaped central park-like garden terrace.

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