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Feb. 14 is the 45th day of the year – and, on the surface of it all, hardly a matter for the human heart. Spring doesn’t begin for another five weeks. And we still abide in the dead of winter – metaphorically speaking.

Besides the bitter, biting weather, winter is supposed to be a time for recuperation – the agrarian barrenness of the land rests in frigid peace, waiting for its time to blossom again. But Feb. 14 – as so many of us caught in the strange tangle of romance recognize – is Valentine’s Day.

In so many ethereal respects, Valentine’s Day transcends most other human holidays – it is a day when the dissonant tissues of distant human hearts connect; Valentine’s Day is when we embrace the romantic side of ourselves.

The Park on Main® Specializes in Valentine’s Day

We at The Park on Main® recognize the day’s significance; we are, geographically speaking, the place to celebrate romance. We know Valentine’s Day is important. In the United States, it is the second most popular card-giving day of the year, behind only Christmas. Even birthday celebrations don’t compare to this holiday of the heart. More than 150 million cards are exchanged on Feb. 14.

Historically, nothing much happened on this day. Oh, sure. Karadjordie leads the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1804. James Knox Polk becomes the first U.S. president to have his photograph taken – in New York City in 1849.

We can almost sense your heart palpitating. And oh, did we mention that Charles the Bald and Louis the German swear the Oaths of Strasbourg in French and German in 842 A.D. On Valentine’s Day? Who would have imagined?

Hold your breath for this one? Oregon is admitted into the Union to become the 33rd state on Valentine’s Day, 1859.

Valentine’s Day just seems like it wasn’t made for the ages. Its designs are on the heart.

We cannot forget – or neglect (for your sweetie’s sake) – Valentine’s Day. And we at Park on Main® are reminding you why Valentine’s Day reigns in our minds. We also want to direct you to the most idyllic spot on the map to celebrate this special day.

Check Out The Park on Main® in Highlands

While Highlands, North Carolina is generally hopping with lovebirds come the 14th day of February (which in Latin refers to purification), we invite you to call us or go to our contact tab and make reservations for this year and 2016 – and any point in between – to sample our luxurious suites.

We provide the finest accommodations geared to suit your needs while the city of Highlands, North Carolina offers the greatest recreational and entertainment opportunities of any place on the map. We at The Park on Main® will also make dinner reservations for you at local restaurants open on Valentine’s Day or the weekends during the winter months.

You couldn’t find a better place to spend a few days and nights. We’re all about comfort, sophistication and especially refinement – just as Valentine’s Day signifies.

We can talk high-brow and history all we want, but that ain’t gonna make any difference to the sweetie in your life (unless of course you can manage to put it in poetic verse).

The Park on Main® Presents Tips for a Heart-Warming Valentine’s Day

So, here are a few romantic nuts and bolts from Huffington Post that we believe will make any heart swoon – or at least help ward off any potential catastrophes for those forgetful minds:

  • Don’t be late: In other words, plan early. Don’t wait until the last minute to make dining arrangements or buy chocolates or sweets. This step, if you miss it, carries long-term consequences that often can only be remedied by intensive therapy.Make Your Valentine’s the Sweetest Day of the Year
  • Then again: If you’re not going anywhere, then still make plans. Do we need to emphasize this point? Make plans in advance, fella, or pay the price. (Romantic candles now or cold shoulders later.) If you’re staying at home, then shop early and often (like voting in Chicago).
  • Just say no: To other invitations. Don’t accept your mother’s dinner invitation. Don’t meet with another couple. This is about two people. And one and one and one or more don’t make two.
  • Hang up, dude (or dudette): Either turn off your phone or resist the temptation to answer it or respond to it. After all, what’s more important: Your sweetie or that darn electronic gadget?
  • Make Your Valentine’s the Sweetest Day of the Year
  • Don’t make comparisons, don’t talk nonsense, don’t make references to other couple’s gift exchanges or plans or anything else. These topics have no place in Valentine’s Day – or  in any other romance-based – conservations. Discretion, bubba. Use it. (This also applies to the ladies).

We at The Park on Main® hope you found this blog and these tips helpful and lead to a lovely Valentine’s Day. Come visit us or make reservations today. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on social media channels.

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