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Clyde is gone, and now comes Bella. And this ain’t no 1930’s gangster flick, see?

We at The Park on Main – the luxury, pet-friendly hotel in Highlands, North Carolina – are talking foster dogs and the heart-wrenching emotional exchange that our partnership with the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society entails.Heart-wrenching only in the respect of seeing our beloved foster dog leave for a permanent home, a “furever” home.

Once abandoned and found wandering alone during the summer of last year, 9-year-old Clyde, a Mountain Cur mix, stole our hearts during his foster stay with us last spring.

We launched a partnership earlier this year with the humane society to help find homes for abandoned pets. Laid-back Clyde – always taking it smooth and easy – was our first foster dog. He was adopted by a Mississippi couple May 29. And now Bella, a 6-year-old Box-Retriever-Labrador mix. She arrived Aug. 13 to much fanfare here at The Park on Main.

While cool Clyde stayed with us for two months, we don’t expect Bella’s stay to last nearly as long. That’s because Clyde’s time was during our slow season. Bella is staying during busy times. The Park on Main is Getting Another Foster Dog

Bella Gets Settled Down at The Park on Main

Although we at The Park on Main haven’t completely bonded with our new arrival, she already appears to be a perfect fit for adoption by a good family – and that’s why we hold such mixed emotions.

Bravely restraining tears in an attempt to belie his true sentiment, Michael Hammond, The Park on Main’s general manager, said: “It’s all about finding them a permanent home. It’s a labor of love.”

Bella spent the last few weeks undergoing the humane society’s “basic training.” While hardly rigorous or intensive, the training ensures the dog is house broken and ready for adoption. “She seems like a well-behaved dog. She’s a happy dog,” Hammond said. He said he expects to release more information about Bella developments – particularly her adoption prospects – in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, he and other staff are confident Bella will fit well into the hotel’s bustling schedule, although her daily routine will likely resemble her predecessor’s. A typical day for Clyde included sleeping, eating, casually greeting guests and roaming around.

Security guards took Clyde – if he were so inclined – for long walks at night. That’s the basic duties of a foster dog at The Park on Main.

Stay tuned to this site for ongoing updates on Bella, The Park on Main’s new foster dog. Are you planning a weekend trip to one of the nicest places in the United States? Come visit us or make reservations today. We’re quite confident Bella would love to see you. Let us know how we can be of service to you by following us on our social media channels.

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