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Vacationing with your pet can be a fun, bonding experience that is enhanced by sharing time and recreational activities with your beloved pet. However, not all pets are comfortable with travel or staying in new places; additionally, your pet’s medical status should be evaluated prior to taking a trip. Preparing your pet now for upcoming travel will help both of you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Health Certificates and Vaccinations

In the United States, it is a little-known fact that pets are required to have a health certificate prior to crossing state borders in a vehicle. Although it is unusual for any type of paperwork to be checked when traveling over a state border, it is wise to have your pet in compliance.

health certificate is a simple, inexpensive document that can be issued by your veterinarian after examining your pet. It must be obtained within ten days prior to travel. This document confirms that your pet is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations. A health certificate provides instant verification to state officials that your pet is healthy and fully vaccinated. If you are traveling by airplane, a health certificate is required.

Carry Your Pet’s Records With You

Your pet’s health certificate and vaccination records should be carried with you when you’re vacationing with your pet. If they are needed for any reason, such as state border crossings, animal control requirements or if your pet becomes ill during your trip, having these records handy will make any of these obstacles easy to handle. Visiting a veterinarian during your trip will be much easier if you have your pet’s veterinary information with you.

Microchips and Identification Tags

Before traveling or vacationing with your pet, make sure he or she has a microchip with accurate registration. Microchips can track down the owner of a found pet through chip readers at any veterinary clinic or animal shelter. In addition, a collar with a current identification tag is always a good idea for your pet to wear, especially when traveling. If your pet becomes lost in an unfamiliar place, these items for identification are crucial for his or her safe recovery.

Training for Comfortable Travel

Vacationing With Your Pet is Easy at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you are flying or driving a long distance with your pet, taking the time to train your pet to be comfortable with the traveling arrangements will help him or her feel less stress during travel. Traveling in a crate is essential for airline travel, and it is also a safe way for pets to travel in vehicles. When your pet is comfortable inside his or her travel crate, he or she will feel safe during the trip. Practicing for your trip by taking short rides in your car will help your pet to see travel as a fun and comfortable event.

Packing your Pet’s Travel Gear

Packing for travel with your pet is almost like packing your own suitcase. You’ll want to include your pet’s favorite toys, leash, bed, food bowls and food. Any medications that your pet requires will need to be carefully packed as well. If your pet is on a special diet, it is important to pack more food than you’ll need to ensure he or she will have access to proper nutrition during your trip. Travel and new foods can be a recipe for tummy troubles, but by packing all of your pet’s supplies, you can ensure he or she has all the comforts of home.

Vacationing With Your Pet is Easy at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

However, when you stay in a pet-friendly hotel like The Park On Main® in Highlands, North Carolina, you will enjoy special amenities for your pet, such as a bed and bowls. By providing these items for your use during your stay, you won’t need to pack as many of your pet’s supplies, and you can travel lightly without sacrificing your pet’s comfort while you are away from home. After all, you want vacationing with your pet to be fun.

Choosing a Hotel That Caters to Your Pet’s Needs

Choosing a hotel for your trip with your pet is an essential part of vacation planning. Although many hotels accept pets, staying in a hotel that caters to your pet will make it a fun and comfortable experience for both of you. Staying in a pet-friendly hotel shouldn’t require you to accept a shabby room; when you travel with your well-behaved pet, you should enjoy high-end furnishings and a luxurious, comfortable room – like at The Park on Main®.

Easy access from your room to the outdoors with a nice space for your pet to stretch his or her legs and potty is an important aspect as well. When you choose a hotel that specifically caters to pets, such as The Park On Main®, you and your pet will have a wonderful stay as special, pampered guests.

Pet-Friendly Recreational Activities During Your Trip

Recreational activities for you and your pet to share are another important aspect of planning your vacation. With the Appalachian Mountains at our doorstep, The Park On Main® is home to a wide variety of pet-friendly adventures. Hiking trails in the mountains include scenic trips to waterfalls and viewpoints; the beautiful setting allows you and your pet to stretch your legs and enjoy nature together.

Highlands is also home to an off-leash dog park for dogs to play and socialize together. You can enjoy time outdoors while your dog romps with other friendly pets. In the summer, outdoor events in Highlands can also be pet-friendly and a fun place to spend time together.

Are these tips helpful for planning your upcoming trip with your pet? Will you be vacationing with your pet in Highlands soon? To ensure availability, please make your reservations at The Park On Main® today. Follow us on our social media channels, and let us know how we can be of assistance to you; we’d love to have you and your pet as our guests.

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