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Don’t cry for Clyde, the canine mascot of sorts at The Park on Main®, the classy, pet-friendly hotel in North Carolina’s portion of the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Clyde, a 9-year-old Mountain Cur mix, had something of a sad start in life – but now the sad-eyed pooch is living in the lap of luxury.

In a unique partnership, The Park on Main® in Highlands joined with Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society earlier this year with the goal of finding “furever” homes for stray or abandoned pets.

What’s Going on With Clyde at The Park on Main?

Clyde was number one on that list. And although the beginning of his troubled life is something of a mystery, he’s still number one at The Park on Main®.

In short, Clyde is “spoiled,” said the hotel’s general manager, Michael Hammond.

Clyde Was Found Abandoned Last Summer

Clyde was found roaming the Panthertown Valley last summer. He was brought to the humane society where employees there were taken by his charm and demeanor.

Hammond said Clyde was shy and a bit “skittish” when he arrived at The Park on Main® two months ago. But not anymore. Clyde has become the hotel’s official welcoming committee, Hammond said. “I don’t think people feel sorry for him.”

It’s not like Clyde is pampered. (Well, he is.) And it’s not like Clyde has it made. ( He does.) Nor is Clyde spoiled. (He is.)

The purpose of his “temporary stay” at The Park on Main® was to elicit adoption requests. “People are showing interest,” Hammond said.

One couple from Europe was definitely swayed by the Clyde charm. However, Clyde’s “problems” have to do with his size (he’s a large dog), his age (he’s 9, or 63 in human years, with a touch of arthritis) and finding a good way of transporting him to his new home.

Hammond said he didn’t expect Clyde’s stay to last this long. “I just don’t think the right person has walked in yet.”

Clyde is Laidback and Friendly

Hammond said Clyde is the ideal pet: He’s laid back, friendly, loves going for long walks and “wouldn’t hurt a flea.”

What’s Going on With Clyde at The Park on Main?

But the slow response to Clyde’s availability for adoption has Hammond thinking. The partnership with the humane society is here to stay, Hammond indicated. And future pets will definitely be making their appearances at The Park on Main®: Perhaps, in the future, a smaller, younger version of Clyde.

But when asked, Hammond said the prospects of Clyde making The Park on Main® his permanent home are good – that is, if the right family doesn’t come along, which Hammond said he thinks is unlikely.

In the meantime, if we could delve into the canine’s psyche, Clyde may just prefer to stay put.

A Day in the Life of Clyde

A typical day for Clyde, besides wagging his stubby tail for arriving guests, is spent sleeping, eating and roaming around. Hammond said Clyde mostly snoozes during the day and goes for long walks at night with security guards. To treat his arthritis, he receives medication in his food. And he gets along well with all the other canine visitors.

When guests arrive, Clyde typically makes his presence known with a friendly greeting. Guests always appreciate Clyde’s warm and furry welcome. (Some even take Clyde for a walk.) From there, Clyde may go for a casual stroll or head back to his late-morning napping – all in a day’s work.

Hammond shakes his head: What’s not to love about Clyde? To his ever expanding fan base, Clyde exemplifies canine coolness and calm.

He remains available for adoption – to the right family.

For more information about the ongoing partnership between The Park on Main® and the humane society, call Hammond at 828-526-4502 or go to

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