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Experience Highlands’ Rainforest

Western North Carolina is proud to boast one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. This area encompasses part of the Southern Appalachians and is a must-see destination during your visit to Highlands. The Park on Main is conveniently located just over an hour away from this natural beauty which makes us the ideal place to stay during your visit. On behalf of the entire staff at The Park on Main, we invite you to explore the scenic rainforest and surrounding area of Highlands, North Carolina!

North Carolina’s Piece of the Appalachian Trail

This scenic piece of land is truly a sight to behold! Regardless of your experience, you can walk or hike these trails at your own pace. Long-time hikers and first-time novices will love the continuous exposure to tons of stunning wildlife and waterfalls as you make your way through the trails. Learn a bit more about our nearby rainforest before heading out on a day of fun and exploration.


Hikers are often witness to tons of diverse wildlife while wandering through the scenic paths of this magnificent rainforest. With over 60 mammal species and 200 bird species native to the area, locals and guests are treated to a world of amazement. Commonly found species include bears, elk, deer, and opossums.

The forest is made up of a large variety of plant species including hemlock and pine trees, azaleas, laurels, the colorful rhododendron, and so many more. Nature lovers are sure to gaze in amazement at this one-of-a-kind natural exhibit.


Located off the beaten path in the Pisgah National Forest lies Tom’s Creek Waterfall. This hidden gem is a multi-tiered, 60-foot-high natural beauty that captures the hearts of all those who visit. While hiking to this and any other waterfall in the area be sure to follow these guidelines to respect nature and maintain as safe as possible:

  • Take caution when walking near the base of the waterfall.
  • Do not intentionally damage the surrounding wildlife near the falls.
  • Only hike on parts of the trails where you feel comfortable. Steep or slippery trails are common and can lead to injury if not carefully spotted.


The Nantahala National Rainforest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park are made up of tons of gorgeous hiking spots for locals and guests of the area to take on. Within the state of North Carolina there is approximately 96.4 miles of hiking trails for you to explore. The highest point reaches a whopping 6,643 feet above elevation which makes for a challenging yet rewarding excursion. Thanks to the seasonal rainfall, plants all across the trail are lush and thriving.

Exploring Highlands & Beyond

Trust The Park on Main to be your accommodations while staying in the stunning city of Highlands, North Carolina. Our attentive staff is happy to provide knowledge on the local area whether you’re looking for rainforest excursion tips or nearby local shops to visit. Book with us today for an unforgettable stay at our pet-friendly hotel! 

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